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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Thursday night at the Crown = no Anub to stop me from taking over the blog tonight.  The results have been carefully tabulated and the “winner” is JR with 11 correct!!  He did have an advantage on questions 5 & 6 since he was our roommate at the time, plus the poor guy has known Anub longer than I have. 

Great effort by SIMH with 9 correct and by White Chocolate with 8 (good luck with your new job).  And Mr. Press got two out of the three he bothered to answer correct, nice minimal effort! 

The correct answers are….

Part 1, Multiple Choice
1.       As a child he broke his leg doing which of the following:
A.      Sliding into home base and colliding with the catcher.
B.      Biking too fast downhill and getting his leg caught up in the spokes.  I've seen the hill.  The mom in me cringes just thinking about it.  
C.      Skiing + tree = ouch.
D.      Wrestling with his sister.

2.       If he was to overhear someone say Mondo sucks as a designer her would:
A.      Ignore it, who the hell is Mondo?
B.      Disagree and point out how great Mondo is with prints.
C.      Pretend to ignore it, but on the inside curse that bitch who won instead of Mondo.
D.      Think about how he misses Tim and Heidi on All Stars this season. This was a close one with C, but really I think we all miss Tim and Heidi this season.  I haven't even bothered to learn the name of the new host. And Mondo is still in it!
3.       Which of the following swill would he find least objectionable:
A.      Miller Lite  I gave JR a half point on this one for pointing out that they all pretty much suck. 
B.       Bud Light
C.       Corona
D.      Busch

4.       Thanks to Netflix, he has watched every available episode of which of the following television series twice… and he thinks the kids watch too much TV:
A.      30 Rock
B.      The Wire  One of the best series ever.  The second time through he convinced me to watch it, too.  Don't f$&% with Omar.
C.      Breaking Bad
D.      Arrested Development

5.       Ever the romantic, he proposed:
A.      At a Yankee game
B.      At a Rush concert
C.      In our basement  To his credit it was actually a perfect proposal.
D.      Drunk in a bar

6.       Which of these teams almost ruined our wedding:
A.      The Yankees  October 26, 1996 the Yankees win game 6 and clinch their first World Series since 1978.  October 27th, 1996 was our wedding day.  Game 7 would have been during our reception.  In the stone age before smart phones they pretty much ruined the rehearsal dinner though.
B.      The Jets
C.      The Knicks
D.      The Blackhawks

7.       In his travels he has had numerous random celebrity encounters/sightings, which of these is not one of them:
A.      MC Hammer San Diego, behind the velvet rope, Hammertime
B.      Bill Cosby  Vienna, he was on location filming a movie no one saw
C.      Fred Savage  Never happened, but pics of young Anub remind me of Kevin Arnold
D.      The Hoff  Las Vegas, in the airport the day after he was voted off DWTS
E.       John F Kennedy, Jr.  Newark airport, John John in a rumpled suit and baseball cap threw away a tray of food right next to us. *sigh*

8.       He pretends to loathe celebrity news and gossip, but reads what magazine on a regular basis:
A.      People
B.      Entertainment Weekly  He even downloaded the EW app but God forbid anyone mention Brad Pitt in his presence.
C.      Us Weekly
D.      In Touch

9.       This chokes him up every time:
A.      Anyone sinking a putt on 18 to win  Every time.
B.      Golfer hugging his dad on 18 at the US Open  Literally EVERY time
C.      Yankees winning the World Series  Still, every time.
D.      F*@%# Sanchez and the f*@%# Jets losing in the f*@%# AFC Championship game two f*@%# years in a row and then not even making the f*@%# playoffs the following f*@%# year.   F*@%# Brady.  Crying on the inside.
E.       A, B & C.  D just f*@%# pisses him off. 

Part 2, True or False

10.   He would rather watch an episode of Downton Abbey than go grocery shopping.  FALSE.  JR got a bonus 1/2 pt for having the insight to know that this was a close one.  These are almost equally abhorrent to Anub, but he really can't handle British accents and period costumes at the same time.

11.   His 6 year old son knows more about doing laundry than he does. TRUE. Not even close.
12.   He never gets flustered ordering at the drive thru.  FALSE.  Nothing puts him in a panic more than having to order at the drive thru.  He stutters, his voice cracks, he says the menu item in a way that the poor person making minimum wage taking the order has to translate and repeat it back several times... and never, ever ask him to add something at the last second. 
13.   He thinks knitting is for old ladies.  TRUE.  Apprently spending countless hours on fantasy football, surfing the internet for every Rush-related bit of minutia available, watching TV series after TV series (some of the twice!) at all hours of the night on Netflix, and spending entire days golfing are all fine and valuable ways to spend your time.  You don't see me complain.  But I decide to multi-task and make something useful like a blanket or scarf while we're watching a TV show and I get the old lady comment. Yuuuuup.

14.   The Harry Potter books are for kids.  FALSE.  Before Order of the Phoenix came out this would have been true, but he lost a bet to me and had to read the books.  Now he gets it.
15.   Not only does he think the glass is half empty, but that someone probably spit in it, too.  100% TRUE.  And pissed in it, yes. 

16.   Pineapple has no business on a pizza.  TRUE. I disagree but to each his own.


      And I still love her, good night,
   3 Fingers



  1. Whoohoo! Everyone should be afraid of all the other stuff that wasn't put in the quiz. The internet would be shut down if it all came out.

    Anub is a mystery wrapped in a twinkie.

  2. A mystery wrapped in a twinkie - that sounds like it should be the title of the next blog post.