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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A 3 Fingered Salute to President's Day

I'm old enough not to care too much
About what you think of me
But I'm young enough to remember the future


 "My grandfather was born the day after Washington took office"

I woke this morning to my favorite little bow tied host and his fantastic bow tied reporter Mo Rocca.  Mo was doing his typical quirky 'slice of life' type piece.  This time it was a look at the Presidents we will not be celebrating tomorrow, or for that matter we routinely skip over in our history books.

But that wasn't the interesting part, he interviewed Harrison Ruffin Tyler who is the living grandson (not great- or great-great) of President John Tyler.  President John Tyler who served from 1841-1845 and who was born in 1790!! 

Behold a list of things from 1790:

* The US Patent system was created -first one was for Potash.  Look up it, I'm not your Wikibitch

* The initial list of the 31 chemical elements was named.   200 years later 3 Finger didn't know any of them when he was facing his NYS Regents exam and was forced to cheat, thanks 1790

* There were only 13 states. All of which have seen a smiling 3 Fingers enter and exit a restroom.

* There were just under 4 million residents, 222 yrs later there are 311 million.  Bottom line we like getting it on.

* John Tyler our 10th President was born.  - He was dubbed the "Accidency", interestingly that is what 97% of kids from sports stars are dubbed.

John Tyler was our most prolific president as he sired a whopping 15 children (and might even know all their names). Even Cromartie would be impressed by that. In my era, I thought maybe that salty dog Bill Clinton would top him (he ickly might have).  However, Clinton has Tyler to thank for introducing impeachment into our vernacular, as Tyler was the first President to have impeachment proceedings against him.

Back to our story, one of Tyler's kids, Lyon Tyler was born when Tyler at age 63 impregnated his wife whom was only 33.  Gold Digger!  Can you imagine that today, TMZ might explode.  Oh please elect Newt and let it happen!  

The more amazing part, is that Lyon Tyler sired a kid when he was 73! So Harrison Ruffin Tyler now 84 is the living grandson to President Tyler who was born in 1790.  Holy Crapola.  Both my parents were born to older parents so my grandfather today would be 108 years old.  Harrison Tyler's Grandpa, pop-pop, papa, what ever he would have called him, would be 222!  

THINK ABOUT THAT!!!  Good work old people, get it on!!!!


Again I defer to JR for his unique brand of humor

I leave you with this, good night, good day, and go go Maniax!  I got a feeling GMAN is scoring today!

3 Fingers!

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