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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gassy Bells

Sadder still to watch it die
Than never to have known it
For you - the blind who once could see -
The bell tolls for thee...
NP - 1982
I promised that this blog would put random to shame.  So here it is, a quicky about my life as the mad English Handbell afficianado!  That's right this guy not only likes handbell music, I have played off an on for 33 years.  In fact in High School, I was part of a handbell legacy. 

 So how does a 3 fingered person play bells?

 With a 3 fingered glove of course!

I have watched 2 basketball games all year Valpo - Butler, and Valpo-Detroit.  So these Final 4 picks are golden!

North Carolina, Missouri, Wichita State, Ohio State.... BOOK IT!

I said in my very first post I would not be too political... but I am sick and effing tired of politicians being blamed for high gas prices.  Please child, politicians know one thing, how to get elected!

Vote Anub 2012!

Again, I am not taking a side, I am just don't blame a politician for gas prices

We all hate the sticker shock of $75 -$100 to fill up so you and little Johnny can get to soccer practice.  But I swear the Repub's have distributed the memo to ensure that every conservative talk show host focuses on gas prices being Obama's fault. I swear I paid over $4 when Bush was in office, but I am sure that I must be dreaming. 

Two words for you:  OIL SPECULATION.  Politicians are not smart enough to speculate.  Don't know who Koch is... figure it out...  and wonder why the Repubs are blaming Obama. 

Loyal Reader JR sent this in:
However, market fundamentals are not driving the nearly $4.00/gallon gas prices. In fact, under the Obama administration, oil production is at record highs and there is adequate global supply of crude. As Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commissioner Bart Chilton has explained, rampant oil speculation, which is at its highest level on record right now, is to blame for current prices. 

As a recent Center for Public Integrity report uncovered, Koch lobbied aggressively against Obama’s financial reform bill, particularly on provisions related to transparency in the energy trading market. Is Koch again buying up supply in expectation of higher crude prices during the summer or beyond — as many analysts have predicted? No one knows, especially when the energy speculation and trading industry currently operates with virtually no regulation.

They gamble, they win, you lose. 

Best wishes of health to my German Project Manager,

Good day, and go pump some gas.

3 Fingers

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